Success Stories

Joan’s goal is for a smooth, stress-free transition and more:
A happy, healthy move.

Joan and her team manage one of life’s most difficult transitions from start to finish.

Every family and property is unique. If you need help encouraging your parents that the time is right to move, Joan offers advice on how to approach the subject of moving. Once the decision is made, Joan can recommend service people − from plumbers to home stagers − to help your parents’ property sell quickly and at the best price. Here are examples of the tailor-made solutions Joan has provided to her clients.

Success Story #1

Senior woman’s home was fraught with problems that HAD to be addressed. Period.

Almost 80 years old, this senior had already moved to a retirement community when she contacted Joan to sell her home in Conifer. As is often the case, the home’s sale would insure she had the funds necessary to pay for living in the retirement home.

This woman’s house showed well and was under contract quickly. But the inspection revealed a big problem. There was a serious mold problem throughout the attic, which impacted the ceilings for much of the home. Joan Masztaler did significant research to find a reliable mold-remediation company – and ensure it was a good match for her senior client. When the ceilings were torn down and the mold eradicated, Joan found a contractor to “put the house back together.”

While the mold issue was the biggest obstacle here, the home also required additional maintenance. Joan took time to explain these issues – in person – and walk her client through the possible solutions and expenses. She found reliable, trustworthy tradespeople to complete the necessary work.

To close the sale, Joan certainly had to do more than simply list this property. She kept her client in the loop with multiple in-person meetings and found a number of reliable professionals to perform the work. Joan managed multiple obstacles from several directions, successfully closing with the original buyer, which ensured the best outcome for her client.

Joan says, “I sincerely care about my clients. My efforts established a trust between us, and she knew that I would see the project through to sell her house.”

“I don’t know what I would have done without Joan, She has been so calm, patient, and kind, taking the time to review workers’ estimates and schedules with me. I completely trust her and am so thankful that I found her.”

Success Story #2

Revised strategy sells an unusual and challenging property for a senior couple and their adult children in the Golden area.

A family contacted Joan to sell their parents’ property on the outskirts of Golden. The land was 2 acres subdivided in 3 parcels, one with a small house in need of repair and an adjacent lot that had some subdivision complete. Both parents were in care communities, and they needed to sell the property to pay for continuing care.

After thoroughly researching real estate in the area and given the condition of the house, Joan Masztaler suggested listing the land without the house first as this had some subdividing in place. It was the right choice. Calls on the listing were through the roof, and Joan fielded a wide range of questions on the property – often she had to do significant legwork and research to answer prospective buyers’ questions.

But during the process, Joan discovered there was an issue with the sewer line. It only ran part way up the street and left one parcel without sewer access.

Given this new information, Joan worked with the sellers to revise the sales strategy. They disclosed the sewer problem and quickly sold the full 2 acres to a developer. A developer has the expectation and resources to make the infrastructure improvements. This was the right choice for the family, the neighborhood, and the buyer.

“Joan’s strategy to market our unique family property and her genuinely caring attitude contributed to a quick sale that provided financial security for our parents. We don’t know what we would have done without her.”

Success Story #3

For Baby Boomers, buying a new-build home should have been easy. Joan guided them through a hornet’s nest of issues, so they could get settled by Christmas.

Joan Masztaler worked with a couple − Baby Boomers looking to downsize into a ranch home in Westminster – who settled on new construction in an established neighborhood. But there were a host of issues! The builder who was finishing the home had not started the project. This process was completely different (and more complex) than negotiating the sale on an existing property or working with the original builder on a new-build home.

At every stage of construction, Joan served as the conduit between her clients and the builder. As the point of contact, Joan coordinated deadlines and next steps, providing clear communication to assure there were no misunderstandings. She also had to keep the lender and title company apprised of progress, so the deal would close once the house was completed.

Delays in new construction are almost inevitable, but this project had more than its share. Joan frequently found herself telling the buyers that the project was delayed. However, she was able to work with the builder’s team to minimize the impact of those delays and find creative solutions to the issues. All the efforts were worthwhile, and Joan’s clients were in their new home for the holidays.

“Joan consistently delivered more than she promised. She was engaged, available and supportive. She was the voice of calm and reason in what was a very stressful situation. We sincerely appreciated her presence during all the meetings with the builder and vendors. Joan helped us navigate the unchartered territory we found ourselves in.”

The time has never been better to sell your family’s property!

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