Selling a senior’s home can require a wide range of services. Look to Joan and her resources – a team of experts – to help with every aspect of the process.

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It’s time to pack up your parents’ cherished memories, help them move, and sell their home

Let me help you sell your parents’ home and ease their transition.
The time has come to move your parents from their home to a retirement community. As their child or guardian, you are helping them to realize the time is right – and help them move.

This is no small feat. This transition – a major life change – can be challenging for mature people. The house may be outdated and require long-overdue maintenance. Where you see clutter, your parents see cherished belongings and memories.

It can be overwhelming. But you don’t have to handle it by yourself. I’m here to help!
I’m Joan Masztaler, a Certified Senior Real Estate Specialist. I’m trained to help in just these situations. When I went through this process with my own mother, I found I had a real affinity for working with seniors and their families. So much so that I became certified to do it.

In addition to assessing the value of the property, I often step in with my project management skills to help get your parents’ home ready to list.
As a real estate agent, I know what needs to be done to make the property attractive to buyers without lots of costly updates that may not be recouped in the sale price. Over the years, I’ve created relationships with proven professionals who can complete the necessary repairs and get the home ready to sell.

You have enough to do to make your parents’ move happy and stress free. Let me handle the details of selling their home.

A successful Realtor® dedicated to the 55+ market in metro Denver, I offer the training – and empathy – required to work with seniors and their adult children (or their guardians). My goal is more than a smooth transition to a new way of life – my goal is a happy, healthy move!

The time has never been better to sell your family’s property!

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